Cancellation Policy for Teachers

Last Updated July 1st, 2018

Whether or not to accept a lesson contract and cancellation or rescheduling of the lesson, any cancellation by the Teacher must strictly follow this Cancellation Policy for Teacher.

1. The Teacher is free to decide whether or not to accept the lesson request from the Student.

2. Even after the Teacher reply for a lesson with his/her consent, he/she can cancel or reschedule the lesson without any penalty, as long as it is done more than 24 hours before the scheduled lesson time.

3. When a Teacher wants to cancel a lesson within less than 24 hours of the scheduled lesson, he or she must follow the written terms below: If the Teacher cancels the lesson, he/she will not receive the service fee. Also, Student can review for the lesson, the Teacher's evaluation may become worse.

4. We recommend using the Chat feature for any of the above points, in order to communicate with the students.

5. For any terms that are not mentioned in the Policy, please take a look at our updated "Tearms of Use".